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Warmer weather is (hopefully) just around the corner and so is spring cleaning.  Self storage is a useful tool in making your cleaning a breeze.

  1. Move your furniture into a storage unit while you give your home a deep clean.  By moving the furniture out of the way, each floor can get a thorough scrub and carpets can easily be cleaned without cluttering up other rooms in your home.
  2. Place items you want to sell in a storage unit so they are no longer in your home, but still easily accessible once you find a buyer.
  3. Free up valuable closet space by rotating your fall and winter clothes into storage.
  4. Place winter holiday items and sporting goods into a storage unit until the cold weather returns.
  5. Reclaim your garage by storing snow blowers, leaf blowers, snow mobiles, and other large and seasonally-used equipment.
  6. Store infrequently used cleaning products and machines after your spring cleaning is complete.
  7. Move your files into a storage unit.  This will keep them out of the way yet still accessible when the need to review them arises.  Be sure to use a detailed label on the outside of each box for easy identification.
  8. Do you love your bread maker or ice cream machine but only use them once a year around the holidays?  Box them up and store them until you’re ready to use them again.
  9. Use a storage unit to store sentimental items.  When your home is filled cherished items that are rarely used cleaning can be more difficult.  By storing keepsakes, you can still access them 24-7-365 and have a clean and uncluttered living space.
  10. Have you fallen off the fitness bandwagon after purchasing home gym equipment for your New Year’s Resolution? Store it away until next January and make vacuuming and dusting easier for the next 9 months. 🙂


What will you store to help with spring cleaning?

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