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One of the challenges people often face is keeping their homes free of clutter. Studies also show that clutter can affect not just your mental health, but physical health, too. Combat the negative effects of clutter with these helpful tips.

Hanging Baskets

A great way to add storage is through the use of hanging storage baskets. Solutions such as this one keep clutter and extra items off your countertops, floor, and furniture, making it easier to clean the surfaces around your home. The Container Store has some great options for kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms, and closets alike.


Pegboards are a unique and simple way to store a variety of objects in a single place, keeping them easily in view. From office supplies to tools in your garage, a pegboard allows you to keep commonly used (and oddly shaped objects) easy to find. Today’s solutions come in an array of designs, so they’ll look great with almost any décor.

Over-the-Door Storage

A lot of wasted storage space can be found behind doors – whether they’re closet doors or cabinet doors. Take advantage of this often overlooked space with specialized over-the-door storage solutions. Arrange shoes or jewelry within your closet or keep cleaning products easily accessible within a utility closet or your garage. Using a hook variation, keep your purses off the floor and easily organized.

Freshen Up Your Fridge and Pantry

If you’re a fan of The Home Edit you’ve seen how gorgeous a fridge can be (we’re not kidding). Now it’s never been easier to get your fridge looking that good with their exclusive collection at The Container Store. Keep your food organized and easy to find (no more lost leftovers in the back of the fridge) with clear plastic compartments.

Pick Up the Toys

A common problem many parents face is toys throughout the house. Safe, clean-looking toy bins such as these from Ikea are easy to clean and still look great with almost any décor. Using a storage bench or ottoman is another great way to keep toys incognito when they’re not being used. Hanging storage like the Fangst from Ikea is a fun way to store stuffed animals that looks like bedroom decorations.

Get More Space at YourSpace

Sometimes, even after decluttering and organizing you still need just a little more space. If that sounds like you, we’re here to help. Visit one of our 8 locations throughout Maryland to speak with a storage expert. We’ll help you find the best storage solution for your home and budget.

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