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High Quality Storage Locks at YourSpace Self Storage in Maryland

If you’re using self storage, investing in a quality lock is an absolute must.  Selecting a great lock is easy at any YourSpace Storage location.  We offer 1.5″ and 2″ sized laminated padlocks, each equipped with the same great features.

  • Strong Lock Body:  Our lock bodies are laminated, offering great protection against smash and force attacks.  Multiple steel plates are riveted together, allowing the lock to stay intact even if one of the plates fails under pressure.  Solid-body locks commonly found at mass retailers are the weakest type of lock and can easily be smashed or broken with enough force.
  • Case Hardened Shackle:  Hardened shackles are resistant to cutting or grinding tools.  Cheap padlocks can be easily cut with bolt cutters and other equipment.
  • Anti-Pick 5 Mushroom Pin Solid Brass Tumbler:  5 pins allow for thousands of different key combinations and make picking locks more difficult than locks with 4 (or less) pin tumblers.  The brass tumbler offers rust resistance for outdoor use.

Visit one of our 7 convenient locations today to purchase your high-quality lock and other moving & storage supplies.

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