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Four kids smiling at the camera in costumes, each with a pumpkin container for trick-or-treating. First kid is in a mummy costume, the girl next to him is in a witch costume, a vampire costume is on the third girl, and the boy on the right is a mummy.It’s spooky season, and the time has come for you and your families get out your costumes and put your scariest face forward. But, after the holiday is over, you’ll need to think about costume storage, which is easier said than done. When you take the time to look over the costumes, you’re going to notice things that you weren’t able to see under the moonlight.

There’s no need to become frightened by the stains and other strange items that have clung to your costumes because not only are we going to let you in on how to get them out, we’re going to provide a guide on how to store costumes. Get ready for a ghoulish time as we urge you to continue reading this post from end to end.

Before Storage

Before you store any of your costumes, you need to take the time to ensure that they’ve been properly cleaned. Each costume is different and has various fabric combinations that are used to create the overall costume. This means that you will need to take some time to check the label and read the specific instructions provided when it comes to cleaning the costume.

Depending on the costume’s complexity, you may want to avoid the headache altogether and send it off to be professionally dry cleaned. A costume will typically need to be treated for stains and then placed in the washing machine on the gentle cycle with cold water.

After it’s been washed, you’ll want to hang the costumes until they’ve completely dried. Now where to store the costumes?

In Your Home?

When you’re trying to figure out where to store your Halloween costumes until next year, you’ve got a couple of options. The first option you have is to store the costumes in your home. If this is the route you’ve chosen to take, you will need to find a place where your children won’t be able to play with costumes because that can result in tears and other stains getting on the costume.

If you’re going to store it in a closet or the attic, take the time to place the costumes in a plastic container. The reason for this is that plastic bags tend to hold moisture in, and if the costume hasn’t dried completely, you could be looking at costume damage, including mold.

A Storage Unit?

Storage units are the perfect place to store Halloween costumes because, depending on where you live, you’ll have the option to use climate-controlled storage units. This means that you don’t have to worry about any excessive heat, cold, or moisture ruining the integrity of your costume. Another reason to use a storage unit is that you can hang the costume up without worrying about creating any unnecessary wrinkles or tears in the costume.

Costume Storage: Frighteningly Easy

When it comes to costume storage, it’s not as hard as you might think. You’ve got to ensure that you take the time to clean the costumes properly before storing them. And after you’ve cleaned them, all you’ve got to do is decide whether you want to keep them in your home or place them in a storage unit.

If you’re looking for a place to store your costumes until the next spooky season, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’ve got units that are going to keep your costumes in pristine condition year-round.

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