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Spring is the perfect time of the year to get some deep cleaning done in your home. Spring is a fresh start for all things, even the cleanliness of your home. The weather is beautiful and the smell of new beginnings is in the air.

In the guide below, there are several reasons why you might want to consider using storage while spring cleaning. Continue reading to find out more!

Seasonal Items

Seasonal items can range from holiday decor to winter coats or out-of-season sports equipment. Why store such items inside your home where they’ll take up much-needed space that you could be using for something else?

As you begin your spring cleaning, place all seasonal items to the side or in a plastic storage bin or moving box, if they’ll fit. Be sure to label each bin or box so you can find these items again later in the year. Using storage for seasonal items frees up space in your closet, garage, or attic.

Items for Sale

As you begin to go through your home and clean every inch of it, you’ll most likely come across several items you no longer want to keep. When you no longer have a need for certain items, there’s no longer a need to keep them in your home.

How can these items benefit from storage?

Whether you plan on donating the items, selling them, or a mix of both, storage is a great place to hold them until you’re ready to do so. Maybe you’re planning a yard sale and want to place all your yard-sale items in your storage unit until the day of the sale. Maybe you know you want to get rid of the items but need time to go through them and separate them into piles for selling or donating at a later time. A storage unit gives you the ability to do so.

Security Features

One of the great benefits of having a storage unit are the security features that come along with it. Some storage facilities, including ours, offer high-quality locks on site, as well as digital surveillance, keypad entry systems, and well-lit grounds that are accessible at night.

Climate Control

Placing your belongings in an attic or even a garage or shed can lead to possible mildew growth and other issues due to natural weather elements. To prevent your items from becoming damaged, choose a climate control storage unit. Climate-controlled units will prevent your items from becoming damaged due to severe weather. Severe weather includes extreme heat, cold, and humidity – all things we experience regularly here in Maryland.

Large Furniture Items

There might be some items in your home you’ll need to move in order to conduct a deep cleaning.

Furniture items like your living room couch, dining table, entertainment center, or bedroom furniture are difficult to store in other rooms of your home because they take up so much space. When you have a storage unit available, you can transport the large items into the unit for safekeeping until you’re done with your deep cleaning.

How’s Your Spring Cleaning Going?

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